Chicken Salad

Not really a recipe, but this is how I do salad:

-120g cooked chicken breast (just boil it)
-80g avocado (about half on an avocado)
-50g spinach (get some potassium!)
-juice from half a lemon
-1 pat of butter
-1 dash of sea salt
-1 dash of freshly ground peppercorns

Boil the breast until it’s done. Cool and then either shread with hands or cut thin bite-sized slices.
Shred the clean spinach and plate it on a small bowl. Add sliced avocado. Add some salt.
Add the chicken on top.
On a small skillet or pan add the butter, the pepper and then the lemon juice, wait until butter melts. Add it on top of the chicken.
You can also do that with tuna.

Macros: 40.3g protein / 3.8g carbs / 21.5g fat
Best part, you could eat this for every meal and it’s so simple.

Recipe posted by: Claudia L. Letonja


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