Salmon Fillet with Yogurt Dressing


Salmon Fillet with Yogurt Dressing

( please do your own calculations as everyones products are different )

75g Greek yogurt ( Fage is preferred, or I use lactose free )
1-2 Pickles
1 Tbs Capers
1/4c Cucumber
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper
Small amount of Dill or Parsley can be added.

Chop pickles, cucumber and capers up small, add to yogurt, add salt & pepper and lemon juice to taste, mix together.

240g fillet of Salmon is pan seared in 10g of Butter and 1 clove garlic and served with a side of avocado and topped with Yogurt dressing.

Recipe posted by: Evie Leii


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