Reference: Commonly Used Herb Macros

Herbs macros by 100 grams:
Basil: .6 F/3.2 P/2.7 total carbs/1.1 net carbs
Cilantro: .5 F/2.1 P/ 3.7 total carbs/.9 net carbs
Parsley: .8 F/ 3P/6 total carbs/2.7 net carbs
Dill: 1.1 F/ 3.5 P/ 7 total carbs/4.9 net carbs
Chives: .7 F/3.3 P/4.4 total carbs/1.9 net carbs
Scallion: .2 F/1.8 P/7 total carbs/ 4.4 net carbs
Oregano (dried): 4.3 F/9 P/69 total carbs/26 net carbs
Thyme: 1.7 F/6 P/ 24 total carbs/ 10 net carbs
Sage (ground/dried) 13 F/ 11 P/ 61 total carbs/ 39 net carbs

Info courtesy of: Lauren Minichello


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