Oven Fried Summer Squash


Oven-Fried Summer Squash

This dish is super easy and super good! No standing over a skillet of hot grease either! So good, it was impossible to refrain from having a second serving! 🙂 I had zucchini, yellow and calaba squash in the refrigerator but decided to use the calaba today. Calaba and zucchini are in the same family of vegetables and very similar in appearance and flavor. However calaba is usually shorter, lighter-skinned, has less water content, has yellower flesh and is usually much cheaper. I think it tastes a bit better than the longer, darker-skinned type of zucchini.

This coating works nicely on a variety of sliced vegetables. I’ve even oven-baked okra, onion rings, and eggplant with it. It’s very tasty on all of them! It cooked fully inside in the 20 minutes without pre-boiling the squash. The pork rinds make it crunchy on the outside and will satisfy your desire for crunchy, fried food.

DO NOT USE A SILICONE SHEET to bake this squash or it will not brown properly. Bake them directly on a non-stick or lightly oiled metal pan.


16 oz. zucchini, calaba (its cousin) or yellow squash
2 oz. pork rinds, plain, finely crushed
1/3 tsp. my Seafood Spice Blend
6 T. my Homemade Mayonnaise

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 450º. Crush rinds and add spice blend on a paper plate or saucer and mix well. Dip out mayo onto another paper plate or saucer. Cut stems and bottom tip off squash and cut into ¼” slices lengthwise. Lay the squash slices on paper towels to blot off all water they bleed. When they are no longer bleeding their water, holding the very tip of each piece with one hand, with a basting brush in your other hand, baste both sides of the squash slices with a coating of mayo. Set brush down and with your now free hand, sprinkle rinds on both sides of the squash and then place on a non-stick sheet pan. Repeat for each piece. I’ll tell ya up front, if you just dip these babies down into the rinds (more will stick on) you ARE going to run out of rinds before you’ve coated all the squash. Been there; done that; 🙂 So trust me on this one…….just sprinkle it onto each side, letting the excess fall back into the plate and you should have enough for the entire batch. Place each coated piece of squash on a lightly oiled metal pan. Pop into a 450º oven for 20 minutes or until nice and brown. No need to turn during baking as the bottoms get nicely browned where they touch the pan. ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 4 servings, each contains:

245.3 calories
21.3 g far
4.18 g carbs,
1.25 g fiber,
2.93 g NET CARBS
10.8 g protein
250 mg. sodium

45% RDA Vitamin B12, 25% B6, 21% E, 27% C, 20% phosphorous, 50% riboflavin, 55% selenium, 18% zinc, 18% copper, 23% iron, 10% magnesium, 13% manganese

Recipe by Jennifer Eloff


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