Deconstructed Egg Roll


As originally shared by Anna Kwon.

Deconstructed Eggroll

Recipe is for a large batch with about 6 good sized portions.. Macros are for this bowl. 44p/29f/9c (or 3 net carbs)

1 lb ground pork
6 4oz pork chops
2 bags of colsaw mix (cabbage, with a small amount of carrot and red cabbage) could just use cabbage shredded.
A bit of garlic powder, onion powder
Salt to taste
A teaspoon of ginger paste

Fry up ground pork and diced pork chop. Add garlic and onion powder to meat. Then ginger paste.
Once meat is browned add cabbage mix. It will look like alot but it wilts down.
Add salt to taste.

If you do smaller portions you can up protein by mixing ground Turkey with the ground pork(replacing half or the pork with ground Turkey will also lower the fat) or add a fried egg to your bowl! (I’m a fan of the fired egg!) Enjoy!

Recipe by: Anna Kwon


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