Dale’s Chicken Crust Pizza Deconstructed

I love eating Dale’s chicken crust pizza but I thought I’d try a deconstructed version to allow me to prep a lot in 30 minutes. It doesn’t look as pretty as the pizzas but I assure you this is delicious!
2lbs. 99% fat free ground turkey
4oz. Banana peppers, diced
1 can small pearl olives, diced
6 oz. can tomato paste
4 oz. tomato sauce
4 oz. turkey pepperoni, crisped in separate pan
4 oz. reduced fat mozzarella (I normally would have used full fat but accidentally grabbed the wrong bag)
2tbsp Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper
Optional: Red pepper flakes
Directions: cook the turkey and then throw everything else in. Leave the cheese until the very end.
7 servings
Macros: 10f, 7nc, 42p
Next time I may add a little less tomato paste to help reduce the carbs a bit. I don’t think it needed a full can. I also might do 94% turkey so I can up the fat in the dish.

Recipe by: Annie Sanders


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