Chicken Alfredo with Shrooms and Spinach


=====Chicken Alfredo w/ ‘shrooms & spinach=====
Bronwyn Palmer shared with me the other day how she makes a cream sauce. Tonight I made an Alfredo-type sauce with my preportioned, precooked & shredded chicken. This has 10 g of Kerrygold butter, 1 tsp of minced garlic, 94 g of frozen mushrooms, 28 g of spinach, 3 tbsp of heavy cream, 3 tbsp of Onion/Chive whipped cream cheese, and 10 g of fresh Parmesan. As shown, this is 43P/40F/7TC. It’s a little higher in fat than I typically do in one meal, but I’m still under by 6 or 7 g of fat for the day… I’m good. Thanks, Bronwyn!!!!

You’ll have to figure your own macros based on the ingredients you use and the amount of chicken you add. I always portion mine in baggies of 37-40 g of protein.

Recipe by: Brenda Richards


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