Brenda’s Bunless Sub


::: Bren’s Bunless Sub :::

Many people on here have said, keep it simple. This is one of those “recipes”….., but calling it a recipe is definitely a stretch. I’m just sharing so people can see keto doesn’t have to be “hard.”

Get some GOOD quality, low-carb deli meat. [Shown is Boar’s Head Cracked Pepper Mill Turkey.] Layer it, but not straight up and down, “stretch it out” somewhat lengthwise as you layer it. On the meat, put down a couple slices of cheese & some spinach. Place the pickle at one end and roll up.

In the bowl is a blend of guacamole, fresh salsa, & sour cream to dip the “sub” into as I ate it. I figured that would be less messy than spreading it on it before rolling it up.

Without the olives shown in the corner (which I added to get within 10 grams of my fat macro) As Shown: 36P •28F •11TC(6NC) – I could have added a little more turkey to hit the 40 grams of protein, but I was already over for the day for protein.

As ALWAYS with any recipes posted here (or other places), calculate your own macros based on the exact ingredients, brands, and amounts you use. Adjust ingredients to meet your macros.

Recipe by: Brenda Richards


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